One Supplier Hard at Work

One Supplier Hard at Work
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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Dirty Diaper Revenge Sale

Confidentiality is our #1 Priority!!

Dirty Diaper Revenge Diapers are for Anybody who wants Revenge or Payback. Our Dirty Diaper Revenge Diapers are unique and Customisable...Read on about our Dirty Diaper Revenge Diaper.

Diaper Revenge Sale!!

"Turn Your Speakers UP to Hear Our Theme Song!!"

Has Someone Upset you, or EVER upset you, do you want REVENGE or PAYBACK without them knowing who it is that is doing them in!!, or maybe you wanna play a prank on your buddy for a few laughs or send a College a gift they will Always Remember and Never Forget!!!!

Heres Your Chance

What were offering is a FREE Service. For a small shipping and handling fee ($12.95) We will ship a Brand New Clean Dirty diaper (one diaper) ((( with Melted Chocolate and Peanut butter...SEE PICTURES BELOW))) (((muhahahah))) to anyone that you want us too (without a return address so they will never suspect that it was you who played the prank on them). We will either ship it directly to you or anywhere you tell us to,... addressed to whoever you say.

Our Dirty Diapers are custom made to order. Meaning all of our Dirty Diapers Revenge Diapers will be unique. We will make each dirty diaper to order...Not only will you or whoever your sending your Dirty Diaper Revenge Diaper to receive a Custom Dirty Diaper, YOU CAN EVEN CUSTOMISE IT WITH A PERSONAL NOTE absolutely 100% Free at no charge...Remember when you said I'll get 'em back...We'll Heres your chance, what better way to get back at someone who has really pissed you off, or better way to get a laugh.
Some jerk or jerket or just some plain 'ol A*shole you know somewhere probably really deserves this prank, so go ahead and order, (deep down you know they deserve it) so go ahead and Indulge yourself, Be the one with the last Laugh!!

I don't think You can legally send a Dirty Diaper though the mail so we have come up with something that actually resembles an actual dirty diaper (unlike the other Generic Comeptitions dirty diapers...See OUR Slide Show Below)

((( We will either put Peanut Butter, A Hersheys Bar or any Combination of Melted Chocolate Bars inside the Diaper to Simulate Human Feices, ))) (unless otherwise instructed)

Due to potential laws we must say this: At no Point will there be any Human Feices or Remains Shipped!!... (((Muuuhahaha)))I think it might be Illegal to ship a dirty diaper through the mail, but not totally undoable. (We can get access to that kind of material... and were open to discussion on the subject... in fact we have had quite a few requests for which we cannot divule the outcome for legal purposes.) ***If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, as far as were concerned it didn't make a noise.*** ((We'll never tell!!))

This Dirty Diaper Prevenge prank works really well for those who don't have an infant and want to get back at someone or just get a few laughs out of 'em... we'll even ship one to your Spouse or Loved one for you just for kicks. (Just don't let the cat out of the bag to early)
Anyone who has ever had a kid knows how bad a babys diaper can smell, and if you don't let me tell you it's aweful!! (Don't worry though we will seal up the package so they won't know till it's too late)

Sure you could do it yourself and maybe get away with sending a fake diaper (But wheres the fun in that)..." You could Drive to the store, buy a Whole pack of diapers, purchase a box, put chocolate or peanut butter in it, insert your own note and ship it yourself,", sure you could probably do all this yourself........ BUT WHY!! Why Go through all that!!, We'll save you Time, Money, and the Trouble of Doing it Yourself.

We'll ship one of our Dirty Diaper Revenge Diapers for you for FREE, just pay shipping charges, that's a whole lot better than having to pay someone, and safer.

Just send us a Modest Shipping and handling Fee of $12.95 (Google Checkout or Postal Money Order) and an address where to send your Dirty Diaper to, and if you want you can include a personal note and say whatever it is that you want, we'll rewrite it for you!!

Putting a note in your (or Whoever your sending it to) Dirty Diaper Revenge Diaper helps to really customise your Dirty Diaper Revenge Diaper, it helps you to say what you really feel...and remember it's your note and we'll rewrite it exactly as you say (say what you really want to say, or how you really feel with total confidentially!!

After you have completed checkout please email us with the specifics of your Revenge Diaper. (who, where, note or no note, and what type of Diaper you would like sent...Clean Version or Dirty Version!!)

We will ship within 24 Hrs of Completed Transaction

CONFIDENTIALITY is our # 1 Priority ((( They'll never know it was you!! )))

Bonus to Consider!!

Evidence Nuker...Permanently Deletes all your incriminating evidence

Webstigate Investigative Service...Get the Truth about Anybody

** Pictures contain Peanut Butter & Chocolate **

To Order use Google Checkout Below or email us at

If Paying by Postal Money Order:

Millard Jacobs
21541 Crawford lake rd
Laurel Hill, NC 28351

PS: Don't forget to insert your Personalised Note, We will rewrite it for you, Exactly as you request.

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